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    Spectra Lumeo

    The spectra Lumeo literally outshines all its peers. Its class-leading shadow dissolution properties allows you to be anywhere in the light field without shadows getting in the way. The high intensity,extra-wide beam is engineered to reduce eye fatigue. 

    • Specifications
      Spectra Lumeo Specs

    Designed To Reduce Eye Fatigue

    The Spectra Lumeo's wide beam is designed to drastically reduce eye fatigue caused by harsh changes in light field. The continuously variable field maintains intensity at all times

    High Definition Video Integration

    Option to have state of the art, high definition video integration, including monitor carriers, and lighthead mounted camera systems.

    Colour temperature Control

    Variable colour, High CRI light units, and the large depth of illumination lets you see clearly in all types of wounds regardless of depth, tissue or blood.

    Best In Class Shadow Dissolution

    Demonstrated best shadow dissolution capabilities allow for unobstructed lighting. (Illustrated in the un-edited Image Above)

    One Touch Boost

    One Touch Boost available on each light head, for those situations where extreme illumination is required right away. All light heads are independantly capable for 160,000 Lux

    Low Temperature, High Intensity

    Less than 2 degree rise at Surgeon's head at 1 hour of continuous operation.

  • Penta Lumeo

    Penta Lumeo

    Penta Lumeo is a power-packed surgical lighting system. Light and nimble, and offered with a variety of configuration options, Penta Lumeo delivers  optimized lighting for almost any surgical discipline. 
    Inside the lightheads, a symphony of precision LED light modules come together in engineered perfection, delivering true-colour, vivid illumination. Penta Lumeo's deep illumination allows clear view of deep cavities with rich colours and tissue contrast.

    • Lighting Parameters, Specifications

      Penta Lumeo Specs
    • Camera Specifications


    Mobile & Smaller Format Lighting

    The Penta Lumeo series is also available for small procedure task lighting and examination settings.

    Penta Lumeo MBL

    Mobile Operating Light

    Capability of Penta Lumeo, In a stable, and easy to manoeuvre mobile frame.

    Available with MBL 80 and MBL 60 lightheads.

    New Image

    Penta Lumeo EXL

    High CRI Examination Lamp

    Lighthead: 200mmx190mm
    Illumination: 60000 Lux @ 50cm
    Field Dia: 13cm @ 50cm
    Colour Temp: 4300K
    CRI (Ra): 95

Testing & Certification

  • CE certification

    After prolonged and detailed tests against performance standards that beat its peers on almost every parameter, we are happy to announce that Spectra Lumeo is now CE certified. This certification is another testament to PSI's lasting commitment to quality and technical excellence.