Maximus V1

A multi-discipline, world class electro-hydraulic table designed to allow optimum access to surgical site while  ensuring comfort of both surgical staff and patient.  The Maximus V1 is capable of handling a wide range of patient size and weight, and fine manoeuvring  and extreme positioning is done with grace and finesse with it's highly capable, German made precision hydraulics.

  • Specifications
    • Weight bearing capacity of 400Kg in distributed loading, and 250 Kg with top-slide engaged.
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Optional Failsafe Override System

The standard V1 comes equipped with dual control units, and best in class, German engineered electrohydraulic systems. For additional protection, in the rare event that you need it, V1 is also offered with an optional, manual override system. Neatly concealed and for emergency use, this allows foot pedal operated control of critical articulations.